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Academics’ Report lacks Scientific Credibility

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VIDEO: Andy Smith - Operations manager, Talley's

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VIDEO: Tony Roach - Inshore fisherman, Nelson

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VIDEO: Mike Sheppard - Skipper, Sealord

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VIDEO: Greg Lyall - Skipper, Atlantis

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VIDEO: Tim Pankhurst - Chief executive, Seafood NZ

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VIDEO: George Clement - Executive Chair, Seafood NZ

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VIDEO: Professor Ray Hilborn - Professor, School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences at the University of Washington

Hear what Professor Hilborn has to say about the report.

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VIDEO: B-Rolls - Inshore fishing

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VIDEO: B-Rolls - Deepwater fishing

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Deepwater Discard Rate less than 7 percent

Reports produced by NIWA show that less than seven percent of New Zealand’s total deepwater catch is discarded. 

Click here for links to NIWA’s data, summary and reports.

Seafood NZ CE Tim Pankhurst’s statements on the Simmons report: